Alcatel-Lucent Mobile Gateways for the LTE Evolved Packet Core

Alcatel-Lucent Mobile Gateways for the LTE Evolved Packet Core

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Location Price Course type Delivery method Hours Seats Start date End date
United Arab Emirates 0.00 (USD) Professional certificates Class Room 0 Hours Seats 10 20/09/2016 20/12/2016

This overview provides broad guidelines for the type of content that may be included in the exam. Other material not described here may be incorporated into the exam.

  • Describe the mobile communication evolution
  • Understand the 2G and 3G mobile architecture for voice and data
  • Describe the LTE architecture and list the main components of an LTE network
  • List the main components of the Evolved Packet Core (EPC)
  • Describe the evolution to the Evolved Packet System (EPS)
  • Understand the primary functions of the eNodeB, EPC, and their components
  • Explain the interworking with 3GPP and non-3GPP access networks
  • Identify the components of the Alcatel-Lucent LTE solution
  • Describe the IP connectivity and EPS bearers used for LTE
  • Define the Traffic Flow Template (TFT)
  • Understand mobility management concepts and principles
  • Understand all of the interfaces used for signaling and communication between LTE components
  • List the two components of GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) (GPRS Tunneling Protocol Control Plane (GTP-C) and GPRS Tunneling Protocol User Plane (GTP-U)) and understand their functions and use
  • Understand the diameter protocol and how it is used for Policy Charging Enforcement Function (PCEF) and Charging
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