Diploma in Garden Design

Diploma in Garden Design

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    Diploma in Garden Design

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    AIM Awards

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    National Design Academy

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United Kingdom 0.00 (USD) Professional certificates online self base-online 0 Hours Seats 0 20/09/2016 20/12/2016

The Diploma in Professional Garden Design begins with an overview of garden types, explaining how garden design has evolved over centuries into its current form. External factors such as social and economic considerations have shaped this development are looked at in detail in order to establish a solid foundation from which to progress through the course. 

The ways in which cultural influences have shaped garden design are also discussed, with examples provided by a comparison of the work of garden designers throughout history. Gardens often belong to a particular, recognisable style such as; Paradise (Persia), Formal (Europe), Landscape (English), Prairie (USA) and Zen (Japan). The fundamental features of such gardens are analysed with a view to developing the ability to identify and understand the visual language of each garden type.

On completion of the 10 units you will receive a Level 3 Diploma in Professional Garden Design.

Who should do this course?

  • Do you love garden design as a hobby and spend ages in your own garden?
  • Do you help family & friends design their gardens?
  • Do they often suggest you start your own business?
  • Would you love a career in garden design but lack the necessary qualifications?
  • Do you have creative talent but lack professional training?
  • Do you read garden magazines & watch all the garden programmes on TV?

Then this is the Garden Design course for you!

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