Strength & Conditioning Certification

Strength & Conditioning Certification

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    Strength & Conditioning Certification

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    International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)

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    صحة العقل والجسم

Course schedules

Location Price Course type Delivery method Hours Seats Start date End date
United Arab Emirates 0.00 (USD) الشهادات المهنية عبر شبكة الأنترنت 0 Hours Seats 0 20/09/2016 20/12/2016

ISSA's Specialist in Sports Conditioning home study and online sports medicine certification course has been designed to provide you with the knowledge, expertise, and specific training techniques to enable athletes and fitness training clients to expand the capacity of their bodies to perform the most difficult athletic feats--while remaining strong and free from injuries. 

Professional and amateur athletes at all levels--from grade-school club teams to the National Football League--need the assistance of expert personal trainers to make them excel at their sports. 

ISSA's sports medicine certificate course equips you to properly and effectively train athletes and open the door to a new client base.

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